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Better Buddies

Relationship focused dog training that works on building the bond between you and your best buddy.


Whether you're looking for basic training or scent detection courses, click on the links below to learn more about what we can offer for you!

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Improve those listening skills!

Have fun and keep learning!


About Me

My name is Aislinn and with me is my best buddy Roo. She was my first foster dog back in 2012, and so far (miraculously) my only foster fail! Together we've fostered many dogs (and cats) over the years from newborn pups to seniors and every stage in between. 


I grew up primarily with German Shepherds but fell in love with rescues the day I met my Roo. While I still have a soft spot for German Shepherds and 'bully breeds', it's rescues that I share my home with.

Roo was a very anxious dog when I met her and is the reason I learnt so much about training. She has always been so intelligent and keen to learn, I've had to keep finding new things for us to do together! 

I am qualified through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) as a positive, force-free dog trainer. This means my training methods are based on sound science, with a firm grounding in psychology. I keep my skills and knowledge up to date with continued learning about different topics of practice.

I have completed courses on the following topics:

- - 

- Advanced Training and Behaviour

- Animal Behaviour

- Canine Body Language

- Canine CPR & First Aid

- Career as a Dog Trainer

- Neuroscience of Learning

- Perfect Puppy

- Practical Instructors 

- Principles of Dog Training & Behaviour 

- Psychology of Learning

- Service Dog Training

- UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection (Bronze)

- UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection (Silver)

- UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection (Gold)


I can't recommend Aislinn enough! She is really knowledgeable and gave me all the information I needed. She is also incredibly kind and friendly! I left feeling encouraged and inspired to help my dog!

Puppy Parent

We have just completed our first puppy training course. We are very happy with all the support and tips. Very approachable and supportive. Fully recommend their positive reinforcement training techniques - they work a treat!

Puppy Parent

Aislinn knows her stuff and was able to give helpful advice that was really easy to understand and put into practice. I definitely feel able to go to her with any questions and know I won't be judged and will come away with some helpful tips!

Puppy Parent

Little Neston, Cheshire

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